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Thesis & The 5 w's and h

Role of the 5 W’s and H


The role of who is to determine what countries/people are involved in certain past events. What, states what is happening to said countries/people in certain past events. When, is what date in the past the event occured. Where, is where it occurred in what country or certain location. How, is how did it occur, how did the event start prior to it, what led up to the event, and ultimately leading to why it occurred. 


Role of the Thesis


The thesis is to create an argument on a certain event. It is there to state the author’s viewpoint on the event they are arguing about. It allows others to read and simply understand what side the author stand on. The author uses the thesis to extend their statement to continue to provide facts to further support their argument. The thesis should also explain why the historical event is significant. The thesis should also be focused and precise and answer the question “so what?”

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